Information technology is one of the major forces supporting economic development, education and culture in the 21st century. Also, talented individuals of the future are supposed to know how to apply the information technology and work with the information. To face the challenges in the digital era, the government continues to improve the learning approaches and content in the IT education. Promoting IT education is a global trend and in recent years many countries have put more emphasis on AI and programming education, which not only cultivates future talent, but teaches problem-solving skills in childhood to prepare young people for the future digital lifestyle.

The Artificial Intelligence Talent Education Committee, which is composed of the industry experts and academics, is devoted to setting standards for AI and programming education. Since the committee’s founding in 2015, annual meetings have been held to a completely evaluate and exchange thoughts about the current IT development and requirements of the talent to set the Programming skills Indicator.

The Programming Skills Indicator is an important standard for education institutions not only to arrange courses and set the instructional objectives, but also to write teaching materials. It takes about 9 months to set a standard, which is based on the data and research result, derived from the study conducted by several experts and finally approved by the committee. The strict procedure can ensure the Programming Skills Indicator meets global requirements.

Setting the Programming Skills Indicator is just a beginning. Due to the continuous change in techniques, constant evaluation the updated system is able to provide useful standards. Based on the principles of strict procedures, the committee is allowed to develop new and effective indicators to measure skills proficiency of teachers, students and professionals.

Another duty of the committee is to assist young people to participate in AI and programming training courses via various promotional campaigns. The participants can cultivate interests and strengthen skills. In annual promotional projects, for different participants, the committee will hold diverse activities to promote, including teacher training, programming camps, diploma tests and other competitions.