Creative Competence of App Inventor Programming
  • Exam description
    • The certification exam include quiz and operation essay questions with a total score of 100 points.
    • The quiz that cover questions mixed of single and multiple choices with each question counts for one point would contribute 20 points in total.
    • The operation essay exam that cover from category 1 to category 3 would contribute 80 points in total. Category one essay question counts for 20 points. Category 2 and 3 essay question count for 30 points each.
    • The exam must be completed within 120 minutes. Candidates who score at least 70 points are qualified for a pass of certification exam.
  • Exam syllabus Part.1
    • App Inventor Layout design
      1. Android screen configuration
      2. life cycle
      3. Basic component properties
      4. File storage
      5. Installation and configuration program
    • App Inventor Basic program syntax
      1. Data type
      2. Variables and subprograms
      3. Timing control
      4. Event trigger mechanism
    • App Inventor Hardware and network communication services
      1. Android hardware device operation
      2. Speech recognition and speech output
      3. Sensor control and application (GyroscopeSensor, NearField, ProximitySensor, AccelerometerSensor, Pedometer)
      4. File access
      5. Map components
      6. TinyDB and cloudDB
      7. Network API data capture
      8. Bluetooth 4.0
  • Exam syllabus Part.2
    • App Inventor Layout design
      1. User interface design
      2. The visible components and their arrangement on the phone screen.
    • App Inventor Interaction and multimedia
      1. Interaction on the phone screen – drawing and touch control
      2. Clock, date, and time-related applications
      3. Multimedia applications – image, sound, video, etc.
    • Advanced functions
      1. File access
      2. Map
      3. Local database (tinyDB)
      4. Access online data (convert JSON/CSV/XML format into list)
  • Download for exam sample